Select files, drag and drop, or copy and paste to upload your invoice and start your early pay request.

You'll then be directed to a new page where you can set up your early payment terms.

Once completed simply come back to this page to submit another request on a different invoice. Typical Factor Rate via Fundera Factoring via FundThrough
Nominal Rate 3.14% One-time 9% Monthly 8% Monthly
Factoring Fee 5% 6%
Interest Rate 1% per week 0.5% per week
Repayment Penalty 1.25% - 1.5%
per additional 15-days
Effective Interest Rate 3.14% 43.14% 37.57%
Effective Fee
(e.g. per $30K Funding Request)
$942 $12,942 $11,271

Unlike factoring you won't get charged an ongoing fee, fees are paid per transaction, one-time only.

Compare Nominal Rates

One-time fee.

Typical Factor Rate via Fundera


Factoring via FundThrough


get paid FASTER for the work you've done

You shouldn't have to take a bad financing deal because of slow payments.

Payments on your schedule

Request payment anytime.

 Control your cash flow.

 Accelerate your growth potential.

Certify costs automatically

Costs verified in real-time.

 Eliminate personal credit risk.

 Smarter funding with every verification.

Grow with confidence

Scale up faster.

 Bid larger opportunities.

 Accept more jobs.

Simply, the best payments

One-time discount instead of ongoing fees.

 No applications. No interest. No repayments.

 Transparent pricing, no hidden fees.