Accelerating cash flow for contractors

Payar and fieldhub have teamed up because we understand how hard it can be to maintain a healthy level of cash flow in the construction industry. See how Payar can help improve your cash flow today.

Don't Borrow.
Get Paid.

Pay outs in 1-click

Upload your invoice

We will pay your original invoice amount less 2% as a one-time fee within 30 days.

Your client pays us back

After paying you out we get paid back on the original contract terms.

Do it as many times as you want

Payar is a transactional service, you can get paid out on as many invoices as you'd like.

Set it and forget it

Once you're paid out you're done. Your books are settled and we carry the receivable.

Don't Borrow. Get Paid.

Included is a nominal rate for comparison, but you choose your own terms on every early pay request.

Payar Typical Factor Rate via Fundera Factoring via FundThrough
Nominal Rate 3.14% One-time 9% Monthly 8% Monthly
Factoring Fee 5% 6%
Interest Rate 1% per week 0.5% per week
Repayment Penalty 1.25% - 1.5%
per additional 15-days
Effective Interest Rate 3.14% 43.14% 37.57%
Effective Fee
(e.g. per $30K Funding Request)
$942 $12,942 $11,271

Unlock your opportunities

Stop using advances to fund your business

Get paid for the work you've done instead of using credit, factoring, or invoice financing.

One-time fee instead of interest payments

Just a single early pay discount that you choose instead of ongoing borrow fees and interest payments.

Control your costs and terms

Set your own terms on payout timelines that make sense to your businesses needs.

Or upload an invoice below to get started.