Q&A with Faber Technologies, CEO & Co-Founder, Sebastian Jacob

Q: When did you first start Faber?

A: We started Faber back in 2016 from UBC.

Q: What was your mission at the start of your company?

A: Leverage technical innovation to empower and grow a better construction workforce. 

Q: How does Faber work exactly? And who does it serve?

A: We create a database of local, vetted, construction workers looking for work and allow construction companies to sign up and connect to workers who match their current project needs. We then go on to manage that temporary workforce and payroll during the duration of that project. 

Q: Why is now the time for Faber to exist in the construction industry?

A: With 81% of construction firms indicating they are struggling to fill their open positions and 65% of them expecting it to get worse, it’s now a great time to introduce a new model to connect with local construction workers.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing Faber has accomplished to date?

A: We were able to fill over 30,000 jobs in our first 4 years in business while having a +266% higher NPS compared to recruiting companies while doing it. 

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